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Professional Dispute Resolution: Commercial and Family

Mike Haney brings 30+ years of business experience, problem-solving skills and collaborative approach to clients and parties struggling to resolve complex issues and disputes.

Jayna Haney helps clients address the challenges and create solutions in her work with adults, families, stepfamilies, single parents, and others, with a specific focus on dealing with high conflict people.

Areas of Practice:

Key Credentials:

Mike Haney has advised manufacturing, energy, private equity, finance and service companies regarding strategic issues, operations improvement and dispute resolution. In addition to consulting roles at leading advisory firms, he successfully started up several new ventures and worked in energy, manufacturing and investment banking firms.

A married dad since 1993, a divorced dad since 1998, and a remarried dad since 2001, Mike Haney has discovered much about himself and how to build a successful marriage and family.

He and his wife Jayna have worked with single parents and stepparents since 2002, helping to develop healthy single parent families and stepfamilies. Jayna and Mike speak on the importance of building a strong bond in marriage, and have found ways to have an intentional and loving marriage.


  • Major oil and gas companies
  • National oil companies
  • Manufacturing firms
  • Private equity firms
  • Professional services
  • Healthcare providers
  • Integrated oil companies
  • Startup / new ventures
  • Investment banking
  • Stepfamilies
  • Single parents
  • Divorcing couples

ADR Training:

  • Mediation Training: University of Houston Law Center, A.A. White Dispute Resolution Center (40 hours)
  • Arbitration Training: Manousso Mediation and Arbitration (9.5 hours)
  • Family-Divorce-Child Custody Advanced Mediation: Manousso Mediation & Arbitration (30 hours)
  • Arbitration Training: BBB Auto Line Arbitrator Certification (6 hours)
  • Parenting Coordination and Facilitation: Manousso Mediation & Arbitration (18 hours)
  • Texas Department of Insurance (12 hours)


Other Training:

  • Miller Heiman Strategic/Conceptual Selling
  • Building Strategic Customer Relationships
  • Operational Excellence & Performance Improvement
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Oil Refinery Linear Programming Modeling
  • Performance Dashboards & KPIs
  • Gottman Institute: Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Leader Training
  • Stepfamily Foundation of America

Relevant Professional Experience:

  • 30+ years advising clients & companies on strategic business issues and decision-making
  • Strategic advisor and consultant across the oil & gas, chemicals and manufacturing sectors
  • Completed dozens of high-profile advisory projects involving negotiations & strategic change
  • Construction & construction products manufacturing experience
  • Investment banking and project finance experience: healthcare and energy sectors
  • Software development, e-commerce and broadband network experience
  • Successful startup entrepreneur, founding software development & professional services firms
  • Frequent speaker at energy industry events, including the Offshore Technology Conference, Society for Underwater Technology, Brazil Subsea Vessel Conference and others
  • Published articles in both the Journal of Petroleum Technology and Offshore Magazine
  • International experience in Algeria, Peru, Colombia, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, UK, France, Mexico, Qatar, Australia, and Bolivia, among others
  • Elected official overseeing $600+ million in appraised value of property, while lowering tax rates

Education and Association Memberships:


MBA, The University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Rice University

Bachelor of Arts in Managerial Studies, Rice University

Memberships and Associations:

Association for Conflict Resolution – Houston Chapter

Texas Association of Mediators

Texas Mediator Credentialing Association

Society of Petroleum Engineers

Elected Board Member, Local Utility District

Association of Water Board Directors, Texas

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